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French expressions with comprendre
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The French verb comprendre, which means “to understand” as well as "to comprise," is found in many idiomatic expressions, including to believe, to misunderstand, and to not be able to take a joke. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring comprendre.

Comprendre translations

  • to understand
  • to follow
  • to grasp
  • to realize
  • to see
  • to comprehend (formal)
  • to get (informal)
  • to be composed of
  • to comprise
  • to consist of
  • to have
  • to include

Comprendre expressions

comprendre 2, 3, etc partiesto have / be made up of 2, 3, etc parts
comprendre biento understand clearly
comprendre la gravité deto understand / realize the seriousness of
comprendre la plaisanterieto know how to take a joke
comprendre le chauffage(rent)to include heat
comprendre les charges(rent)to include utilities
comprendre les chosesto be broad-minded
comprendre les fraisto include fees / expenses
comprendre malto misunderstand, have a hard time understanding
comprendre sa douleur(informal)to realize what you’ve let yourself in for
comprendre viteto catch on quickly
croire comprendreto believe, think
faire comprendre à qqun(causative)to explain, make it clear to someone
ne comprendre rien à riento not understand a thing, to not have a clue about anything
ne pas arriver à comprendreto not be able to understand
ne pas comprendre la plaisanterieto not be able to take a joke
Va / Allez comprendre pourquoi !Go figure! I can’t imagine why!
C’est à n’y rien comprendre.It’s beyond me; I can’t understand a thing.
C’est comme ça que je comprends …That’s what I think of as …, That’s how I understand …
Dois-je comprendre que … ?Am I to understand that …?
Je vous ai compris !I understand, I get it!
Il faut comprendre que …It must be understood that …
Si je comprends bien …As I understand it …
Tu n’as rien compris au film !(informal)You don’t have a clue!
se comprendre à demi-motto not have to spell things out to each other
se comprendre l’un l’autreto understand each other
se faire comprendre(causative)to make oneself understood
se faire comprendre à demi-motto make oneself understood without having to spell it out
Ça se comprend.That’s understandable.
Est-ce que je me fais bien comprendre ?Do I make myself understood?
J’espère que je me suis bien fait comprendre.I hope I’ve made myself clear.

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French expressions with comprendre

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