Bon voyage

Bon voyage !
Bon voyage !        (Public domain image)
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Traveling French Expression

Meaning have a good trip
Literally good trip
Register normal
Pronunciation French pronunciation [bo(n) vwa yazh]

Usage notes: In both French and English, the expression bon voyage can be used to say good-bye to someone leaving on a trip and to express your hopes that they have a good time.

Somewhat synonymous

  • bon retour – have a safe journey home, get home safely
  • bonne route – drive safely, have a safe journey
  • bonnes vacances – enjoy your vacation/holiday
  • à la rentrée – see you after summer vacation

Related expressions

Add bon to just about any noun in order to say "enjoy ___" or "have a good/nice ___":

  • bon appétit – enjoy your meal
  • bon dimanche – have a nice Sunday
  • bon match – enjoy the game, have a good game
  • bonne promenade – have a nice walk, enjoy your walk
  • bon vélo – have a nice bike ride, enjoy your bike ride
  • bonne visite – have a good visit, enjoy your visit

Also use bon to wish someone a "happy (special occasion)":

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