Avoir un chat dans la gorge

Avoir un chat dans la gorge
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French Expression

Meaning to have a frog in one’s throat
Literally to have a cat in the throat
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Pronunciation [a vwah roo(n) sha da(n) la guhrzh]
IPA   [a vwa rœ̃ ʃa dã la gɔʀʒ]

Usage notes: French and English use two completely different animals to talk about having an obstructed or hoarse throat: the French expression is avoir un chat dans la gorge, while English favors "to have a frog in one’s throat." Neither animal would be particularly welcome in the throat, but you have to admit that a frog would be a lot less agonizing than a cat!

Par exemple…

Je voulais poser une question, mais j’avais un chat dans la gorge et ne pouvais pas parler.   I wanted to ask a question, but I had a frog in my throat and couldn’t talk.
Je vais acheter un humidificateur – j’en ai marre d’avoir toujours un chat dans la gorge !   I’m going to buy a humidifier – I’m tired of always having a frog in my throat!

Related expressions: "to clear one’s throat"

  • s’éclaircir la gorge
  • s’éclaircir la voix
  • se racler la gorge

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