Quant à

Quant à
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French Prepositional Phrase

Meaning as for, regarding, in regard to
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Pronunciation French sound files [ka(n) tah]
IPA   [kã ta]

Usage notes: Quant à is a handy prepositional phrase for referring to something a bit emphatically. It can be followed by a noun, pronoun, verb, or clause.

Par exemple…

Elle est indécise quant à sa proposition.   She’s undecided about his proposal.
Quant au reste, je n’en sais rien.   As for the rest, I don’t know anything.
Quant à ça, tu peux en être sûr.   You can be sure about that.
Quant à acheter une voiture …   As for buying a car …
Quant à ce qui s’est passé …   Regarding what happened …

 When a personal pronoun is needed after quant à, it must be a stressed pronoun.

Il a dit non, mais quant à moi …   He said no, but as far as I’m concerned …
Quant à eux …   As for them …

French lesson plans Quant à in action

Examples of quant à in real-life videos from Lawless French Immersion:

La France, quant à elle, a connu deux grèves colossales en 1936 et 1968.   France, for her part, had two giant strikes in 1936 and 1968.
Video: What is a strike?
Les syndicats quant à eux dénoncent un coup de communication.   Meanwhile, unions denounce [it as] a PR stunt.
Video: French schools to display flags in classrooms

Related expression: le quant-à-soi – one’s own counsel

Il est resté sur son quant-à-soi.   He kept his own counsel.

Synonyms for quant à

Informal synonyms for quant à

  • côté
  • question
  • rapport à

Related noun: le quant-à-soi – reserve, aloofness

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Quant à - French expression

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