Jeter la pierre

Critical French Expression

Jeter la pierre
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Meaning to accuse, blame; to criticize, be hard on
Literally to throw the rock
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Pronunciation French sound files [zheu tay lah pyehr]
IPA   [ʒə te la pjɛʁ]

Usage notes: The idiomatic French expression jeter la pierre à quelqu’un has two somewhat related meanings.

1) To blame or accuse someone

Ne cherche pas quelqu’un à qui jeter la pierre – c’est de ta faute.   Don’t look for someone to blame – it’s your fault.
Il m’a jeté la pierre pour avoir perdu le match.   He blamed me for losing the match.

2) To criticize someone

Tu jettes la pierre à n’importe qui sauf toi-même.   You criticize everyone but yourself.
Il ne l’a pas fait exprès, ne lui jette pas la pierre.   He didn’t do it on purpose, don’t be too hard on him.

  As shown, à plus the "blamee" or the "criticizee" can be replaced with an indirect object pronoun.


Jeter la pierre is originally from the Bible:

Que celui de vous qui est sans péché, jette le premier la pierre contre elle.   He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
Jean 8:7, Martin Bible   John 8:7, King James Bible

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Jeter la pierre

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