Faire du lard

Faire du lard
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Familiar French Expression

Meaning to sit doing nothing, to laze around, to twiddle one’s thumbs
Literally to make some fat
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Pronunciation French sound files [fehr du lar]
IPA   [fɛʀ dy laʀ]

Usage notes: The original meaning of the idiomatic French expression faire du lard is simply "to gain weight," but by extension it refers to sitting around doing nothing, which can lead to weight gain.

Par exemple…

On va faire du lard ce week-end.   We’re going to laze around this weekend.
Mes chats font du lard pendant toute la journée.   My cats sit around doing nothing all day.


  • se faire du lard
  • se refaire du lard

Synonymous expressions

 + being inactive

  • ne rien faire
  • paresser
  • prendre du lard
  • se tourner les pouces
  • traînailler
  • traînasser

 + gaining weight

  • s’empâter
  • s’engraisser
  • grossir
  • prendre du poids

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Faire du lard

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