En effet

En effet, c'est de la confiture maison.
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Essential French Expression

Meaning indeed, that’s right; because, actually, in fact
Literally in effect
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [a(n) nay feh]
IPA   [ɑ̃ ne fɛ]

Usage notes: The very common French expression en effet can respond affirmatively to a question, or it can just be a bit of filler, a way of acknowledging and confirming what was just said.

Par exemple…

– Tu as cueilli ces pommes ?
– En effet.
  – Did you pick these apples?
– That’s right.
– Ça te plaît ?
– Ça me plaît beaucoup, en effet.
  – Do you like it?
– Yes indeed, I like it very much.

Somewhat synonymous

En effet can also introduce some clarification to the current topic.

Par exemple…

– Tu n’as pas travaillé hier ?
– En effet, j’ai dû amener ma fille chez le médecin.
  – You didn’t work yesterday?
– That’s right, I had to take my daughter to the doctor.
Je vais déménager, en effet, mon appartement n’est pas assez grand.   I’m going to move because my apartment isn’t big enough.

French lesson plans En effet in action

Examples of en effet in real-life videos from Lawless French Immersion:

Ça a été quatre ans compliqués, en effet, de présidence et de relations franco-américaines.   It has been four complicated years, in fact, of presidency and of Franco-American relations.
Video: Emmanuel Macron congratulates Joe Biden (00:22)
… c’est toujours hyper bien d’avoir en effet des groupes régionaux   … indeed, it’s always really good to have local bands
Video: How to organize your own festival?
En effet parmi tous les petits déjeuners des enfants, un quart environ est composé de céréales du petit déjeuner.   Indeed, of all the children’s breakfasts, about a quarter are made up of breakfast cereals.
Video: What do the French eat for breakfast?
Paris va en effet autoriser les tests de véhicules autonomes sans conducteur   Paris will indeed authorize driverless, autonomous vehicle testing
Video: France to allow self-driving car tests
Cate Blanchett a en effet été l’une des premières célébrités à réagir à l’affaire Weinstein.   Cate Blanchett was indeed one of the first celebrities to react to the Weinstein affair.
Video: Cate Blanchett to lead 2018 Cannes Festival jury
L’avenue tire en effet son nom des Champs-Élysées de la mythologie grecque : une sorte de paradis.   Indeed, the avenue takes its name from the Champs-Élysées in the Greek mythology: a kind of paradise.
Video: Why are the Champs Elysées so famous?

 En effet vs En fait

En effet is underused by students, who tend to use en fait instead. While both can be translated by "in fact," there’s a difference: en effet serves to confirm or agree with something that was just said, while en fait marks an opposition or contradiction.

Par exemple…

– Tu vas à la fête ?
– En effet, je pars dans 5 minutes.
  – Are you going to the party?
– Yes, in fact, I’m leaving in 5 minutes.
   vs      vs
– Tu vas à la fête ?
– Non, en fait, je dois travailler.
  – Are you going to the party?
– No, in fact, I have to work.

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En effet

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