Comme d’habitude

Trop de boulot, comme d'habitude
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Essential French Expression

Meaning as usual
Literally as from habit
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [kum dah bee tud]
IPA   [kɔm da bi tyd]

Usage notes: You can use the French expression comme d’habitude to talk about a typical or recurring action or state of being.

Par exemple…

Comme d’habitude, j’ai acheté trop de bière et pas assez de vin.   As usual, I bought too much beer and not enough wine.
Tu peux sortir quand tu auras fini tes devoirs, comme d’habitude.   You can go out once you’ve finished your homework, as usual.

 Informal contraction: comme d’hab

– Je suis débordé de boulot cette semaine !   – I’m completely snowed under with work this week!
– Comme d’hab, alors.   – Same as usual, then.

Texting abbreviation: com dab

Related expression: avoir l’habitude – to be used to

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Comme d'habitude

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