Avoir l’habitude

Avoir l'habitude
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Habitual French Expression

Meaning to be used to, in the habit of
Literally to have the habit
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [ah vwar lah bee tud]
IPA   [a vwaʀ la bi tyd]

Usage notes: The useful French expression avoir l’habitude talks about what someone is used to doing. It’s most commonly followed by the preposition de plus an infinitive or noun.

Par exemple…

J’ai l’habitude de courir le lundi.   I’m used to running on Mondays.
Elle n’a pas l’habitude de conduire.   She’s not used to driving.
Il avait l’habitude de la discipline.   He was used to discipline.
– Attention ! Les marches sont glissantes.
– Ne t’en fais pas, j’en ai l’habitude.
  – Careful! The steps are slippery.
– Don’t worry, I’m used to them.

 Avoir l’habitude can also be followed by the subordinating conjunction que plus a clause.

J’ai l’habitude qu’on me donne des ordres.   I’m used to people giving me orders.
Il n’a pas l’habitude qu’on le traite comme ça.   He’s not used to being treated like that.

And it can be used on its own:

Ne t’excuse pas, j’ai l’habitude.   Don’t excuse yourself, I’m used to it.
(This has happened before, it’s not a big deal.)

Related expressions

  • avoir la mauvaise habitude de – to have a bad habit of
  • avoir tendance à – to tend to
  • comme d’habitude – as usual
  • être habitué à – to be used to
  • faire qqchose par habitude – to do something out of habit
  • se faire une habitude de – to make a habit of
  • s’habituer à – to get used to
  • perdre l’habitude de – to get out of the habit of
  • prendre l’habitude de – to get in the habit of

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Avoir l'habitude

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