Ça marche

Ça marche
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Essential French Expression

Meaning ok, that works
(in a restaurant) coming up
Literally that runs
Register normal / informal
Pronunciation [sah marsh]
IPA   [sa maʀʃ]

Usage notes: Ça marche is a handy little expression that you can use to acknowledge or agree with someone.

Par exemple…

– On va partir à midi.
– Ça marche !
  – We’re leaving at noon.
That works!
– Il faut que tu apportes du vin.
– Ça marche !
  – You need to bring some wine.
– OK!

You can use it with the preposition pour:

Par exemple…

Ça marche pour la semaine prochaine.   Next week is fine, Next week works.
Ça marche pour toi ?   Does that work for you?

When you place an order, waiters and store clerks might acknowledge it with ça marche:

Par exemple…

– Je vais prendre les pâtes, s’il vous plaît.
– Ça marche.
  – I’ll have the pasta, please.
– That works, Coming right up. 
– Je veux commander ce livre.
– Ça marche.
  – I’d like to order this book.
– You got it.

Ça marche can also be used literally:

Par exemple…

Comment ça marche ?   How does it work?
Ça marche à la vapeur.   It works / runs on steam.

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Ça marche
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