Avoir un petit creux

Avoir un petit creux
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Informal French Expression

Meaning to be a little hungry/peckish, to have the munchies
Literally to have a little hollow
Register informal
Pronunciation [ah vwah roo(n) p(eu) tee creu]
IPA   [a vwa ʁœ̃ pə ti kʁø]

Usage notes: Instead of talking about "being hungry," the French say they have hunger: avoir faim. This grammar is maintained in the expression avoir un petit creux; literally, "to have a little hollow (in one’s stomach)." What it really means is "to be a little hungry."

Par exemple…

Tiens, j’ai un petit creux. Allons au bistrot à côté du parc.   Hey, I’m a little hungry. Let’s go to the bistro next to the park.

Variation: avoir un creux (dans l’estomac)

  Creux is a noun in these expressions, but it can also be an adjective meaning "empty" or "hollow":

  • le ventre creux – empty stomach
  • un arbre creux – hollow tree

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Avoir un petit creux
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