French introductions
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 Allow me to introduce this lesson with a warning: the French verb introduire means to introduce something physically into something, so it should never be used when talking about introducing people: the correct verb is présenter.

Learn how to introduce yourself and others with this lesson – click for sound files.

Introduce yourself

Je me présente. Let me introduce myself.
Je m’appelle My name is …
Je suis I am …
Mon prénom est My (first) name is …

Introduce others

Je vous présente I’d like to introduce … (formal and/or plural)
Je te présente  (informal and singular)
Voici This is … 
Il s’appelle His name is … 
Elle s’appelle Her name is … 

Meeting people

Comment vous appelez-vous ? What is your name? (formal and/or plural)
Comment t’appelles-tu ?  (informal and singular)
Enchanté. It’s nice to meet you.(male speaker)
Enchantée.  (female speaker)

 French names

le prénom first name, given name, Christian name
le nom last name, family name, surname
le surnom nickname

French listening comprehension Listening practice

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French introductions

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    Love your new website. I have used your about com sources too.
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    I find your simple and clear explanations of many aspects of the French language invaluable in learning more about the language. I look forward to seeing the development of this new site. Your previous site was also incredibly useful to me and many of my friends, who are also trying to understand more about French.