Venir Expressions

Venir - French verb to come
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French Phrases to Come

The French verb venir, “to come,” is found in many idiomatic expressions, including to reach, to manage to, and to come to blows. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring venir.

venir à   to come up to, reach
venir à bout de + infinitive   to manage to, to succeed in
venir au monde   to come into the world
venir chercher   to call for, to come get
venir de   to come from
venir de + infinitive (recent past)   to have just (done something)
venir jusqu’à   to come (up) to, reach
venir tout seul   to detach, unblock
___ à venir
dans les années à venir
les générations à venir
  ___ to come, future ___
in the years to come
future generations
aller et venir   to come and go, to pace
en venir à   to come to, turn to, reach
en venir aux coups   to come to blows
en venir aux mains   to come to blows
faire venir (causative)   to send for
y venir   to come around, get used to
Ça va, ça vient.   You win some, you lose some;
Easy come, easy go.
Ça va venir.   It’ll come, It’ll happen.
Ça vient de ce que …   It stems from the fact that…
De là vient que …   The result (of this) is …
D’où vient que … ?   How is it that … ?
Les idées ne viennent pas.   I don’t have any ideas.
Où veux-tu en venir ?   What are you getting/driving at?
S’il venait à + infinitive   If he were to
Une idée m’est venue (à l’esprit)   I had an idea,
Something occurred to me/td>
Viens vite !   Come quick! Hurry!

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French expressions with venir

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