Robe des champs

Pommes de terre en robe des champs
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French Expression

Meaning unpeeled
Literally field dress, dress from the fields
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [ruhb day sha(n)]
IPA   [ʁɔb de ʃã]

Usage notes: The French expression en robe des champs is a lovely way to describe potatoes cooked in their peels, whether baked, steamed, or boiled. There’s no real equivalent in American English. British English has the cute expression “jacket potatoes,” but that refers specifically to baked potatoes – and isn’t as poetic as en robe des champs anyway.

Par exemple…

Je n’aime pas les pommes de terre en robe des champs.   I don’t like unpeeled (cooked) potatoes.
Nous mangeons des pommes de terre cuites au four en robe des champs.   We’re eating baked potatoes / jacket potatoes.

 It’s most common with potatoes, but you can also use en robe des champs for other fruits and vegetables cooked with their skin on.

Old-fashioned variation: en robe de chambre – literally, “in a dressing gown”

Somewhat synonymous

  • cuit dans sa peau – “cooked in its skin”
  • non-épluché – “unpeeled”
  • en chemise (rare) – "in a shirt"

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Robe des champs - French expression

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