Raconter des salades

Raconter des salades
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Informal French Expression

Meaning to tell stories, spin yarns, lie
Literally to tell salads
Register informal
Pronunciation [rah ko(n) tay day sah lahd]
IPA   [ʀa kɔ̃ te de sa lad]

Usage notes: The French expression raconter des salades is equivalent to "spinning yarns"; in other words, telling elaborate lies. Why salad? Maybe because it’s a variety of colorful ingredients that, together, make a delicious – or in this case, easy to swallow – whole.

Par exemple…

Ne l’écoute pas, il raconte des salades.   Don’t listen to him, he’s spinning yarns.
C’est impossible, je pense que tu racontes des salades.   That’s impossible, I think you’re lying.

Useful verbs

  • accepter – to accept
  • avaler – to swallow (literally and figuratively)
  • croire – to believe
  • gober (informal) – to swallow (literally and figuratively)

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