Ou quoi ?

Mais tu es fou ou quoi ?
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Informal French Expression

Meaning or what?
Register informal, potentially offensive
Pronunciation French sound files [ooh kwah]
IPA   [u kwa]̃

Usage notes: Ou quoi isn’t so much an expression as an informal exclamation or tag question, used to emphasize whatever was just said with a note of derision or indignation. There are many possible English equivalents.

Par exemple…

Mais tu es fou ou quoi ?   What, are you crazy?
Tu viens ou quoi ?   Are you coming or what?
Tu as un problème ou quoi ?   Hey, what’s your problem?
Tu te prends pour James Bond ou quoi ?   You think you’re James Bond or something?
Tu es myope/sourd ou quoi ?   Are you blind/deaf?

French lesson plans Ou quoi in action

Examples of ou quoi in real-life videos from Lawless French Immersion:

Tu déconnes ou quoi ?   Are you kidding or what?
Video: French cinema archives: Romain Duris’ first audition
Il y a l’éléphant en bois. Je me suis dit c’est raciste ou quoi ?   There’s the wooden elephant. I wondered, that’s racist isn’t it?
Video: Shirley Souagnon – I love my job
Faut le sucer de son pouce ou quoi ?   Should we suck it from the thumb or what?
Video: Stromae – Papaoutai

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Ou quoi - French expression

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