Lever le masque

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Lever le masque
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Meaningto unmask; to reveal one’s true colors, tell the truth
Literallyto lift the mask
PronunciationFrench sound files [leu vay leu mahsk]
IPA  [lə ve lə mask]

Usage notes: The French expression lever le masque (and its many variations*) is used figuratively, to refer to the dropping of a persona or secret identity that a person "wears" to hide their true self or bad intentions.

Par exemple …

Il a enfin levé le masque. He finally revealed his true colors.
Appelle-moi quand tu seras prêt de lever le masque. Call me when you’re ready to unmask yourself (to let me see who you really are).

 When talking about physically removing a literal mask, such as after a costume party, enlever is used instead.

Par exemple …

J’ai hâte de enlever mon masque. I can’t wait to take off my mask.
Enlève ton masque, je veux te donner un bisou. Take off your mask, I want to give you a kiss.

* Variations

Many different verbs can be used in place of lever (click for conjugations):

 You can also replace the definite article le with the indefinite article un or a possessive adjective, depending on whether you want to say the, a, or my / your / his ….

Synonyms and related expressions

  • Bas les masques ! – Down with masks!
  • démasquer – to unmask someone
  • se démasquer – to unmask oneself
  • être démasqué – to be unmasked
  • les masques tombent – the masks come off

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Lever son masque

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