Faire partie de

Faire partie
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Essential French Expression

Meaning to be part of, belong to
Literally to make part of
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Pronunciation [fehr pahr tee deuh]
IPA   [fɛʁ paʁ ti də]

Usage notes: Faire partie de is an incredibly useful French expression that you’ll hear and use all the time. It means "to be part of" or "to belong to," similar to appartenir à but less, well, possessive. It can be used with both people and things.

Par exemple…

Ce programme fait partie d’une série fascinante.   This program is part of a fascinating series.
Ça fait partie de notre routine quotidienne.   That’s part of our daily routine.
Je ne fais pas partie de ce groupe.   I don’t belong to that group.

 Note that while faire must be conjugated according to the subject, the noun partie is invariable in this expression – it’s always singular, even when the subject is plural.

Ces ninjas font partie d’un groupe dangereux.   These ninjas belong to a dangerous group.
Elles veulent faire partie de notre club.   They want to be part of our club.

 Don’t confuse faire partie with faire part; the latter means "to inform":

Qui va faire part de cette décision au président ?   Who is going to inform the president about this decision?

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Ces ninjas font partie d'un groupe dangereux.

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