Chanter comme une casserole

Chanter comme une casserole
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Informal French Expression

Meaningto be a lousy singer
Literallyto sing like a saucepan
PronunciationFrench sound files [sha(n) tay kuhm un kas ruhl]
IPA  [ʃã te kɔ myn ka sə ʀɔl]

Usage notes: The French expression chanter comme une casserole is an unpleasant way to talk about someone’s unpleasant singing, comparing it to the sound made by banging pans together.

Par exemple…

Le premier rôle masculin dans cette comédie musicale chante comme une casserole. The male lead in this musical is a lousy singer.
Quelle casserole ! What a lousy singer!

 Une casserole can also be used by itself to refer to a lousy singer.

Fun fact! Copper pans were traditionally lined with tin, which brings to mind the English expression "to have a tin ear" (French: ne pas avoir d’oreille).

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Tu chantes comme une casserole

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