Dentist in French
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Cabinet dentaire

Broken tooth? Jaw pain? If you need any dental work done while traveling, you’ll be glad you sank your teeth into this French vocabulary.

at the dentist’s office chez le / la dentiste *
appointment un rendez-vous
dentist un/e dentiste
dentist’s office le cabinet dentaire
~ insurance card la carte vitale
dental assistant un assistant dentaire
une assistante dentaire
patient un patient
une patiente
specialist un/e spĂ©cialiste
waiting room la salle d’attente

* In French, it’s typical to use chez + job title to refer to some places of business – learn more.

toothla dent
Tooth Fairy~ la petite souris
baby toothla dent de lait
back toothla dent du fond
canine toothla canine
front toothla dent de devant
lower toothla dent du bas
molarla molaire
upper toothla dent du haut
wisdom toothla dent de sagesse
gumsla gencive
jawla mâchoire
lipla lèvre
mouthla bouche
abscessun abcès
bridgeun bridge
broken toothune dent cassée
cavityune carie
crownla couronne
fillingun plombage
une obturation
gapun Ă©cart*
injectionune piqûre
local anestheticune anesthésie locale
Novocainla NovocaĂŻne
overbiteune supraclusion
permanent tooth une dent définitive
root canalle canal dentaire
teeth cleaningle détartrage
temporary provisoire
toothache un mal aux dents
underbiteune infraclusion
to bleedsaigner
to brush (one’s teeth)se brosser (les dents)
to hurtavoir mal
to loseperdre
to open
open your mouth
ouvrez la bouche
to pull (out), removearracher
to replaceremplacer
to rinserincer
to spitcracher

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Chez le dentiste - French vocabulary

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