Euphonic Inversion

Inversion euphonique

Inversion - French word order
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When inversion results in a hiatus (two vowel sounds together), the letter -t must be added for euphony, but only

  1. with the subject pronouns il, elle, and on
  2. when the verb ends in a vowel

Par exemple…

il aime>aime-t-il
elle parle>parle-t-elle
on a>a-t-on
il y a>y a-t-il

 This includes when the verb ends in –te, which means that a schwa must be pronounced between the two t sounds:

il monte>monte-t-il [mɔ̃ tə til]
elle hante>hante-t-elle [ã tə tɛl]
on écoute>écoute-t-on [e ku tə tɔ̃]

 However, -t is not added when the verb ends in a consonant, because that consonant makes a required liaison with the vowel that follows so there’s no need for the euphonic -t.

il sait>sait-il sait-t-il
elle met>met-elle met-t-elle
on prend>prend-on prend-t-on

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French inversion

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