Voir le jour

Voir le jour
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French Expression

Meaning to be born; to come into existence
Literally to see the day
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Pronunciation [vwar leu zhour]
IPA   [vwaʁ lə ʒuʁ]

Usage notes: The French expression voir le jour is a poetic way to talk about someone being born.

Par exemple…

Leur premier enfant a vu le jour en 2015.   Their first child was born in 2015.
Le deuxième verra le jour en décembre.   The second will be born in December.


But voir le jour is more commonly used figuratively, to talk about the beginning of a project or situation:

Notre école a vu le jour grâce aux dons de riches particuliers.   Our school came into existence thanks to donations from wealthy individuals.
Cette polémique a vu le jour après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale.   This controversy arose after World War II.

Somewhat synonymous

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Il a vu le jour - French expression

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