Tant pis

Tant pis - French expression
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French Expression

Meaning oh well, never mind; too (damn) bad, tough
Literally so much worse
Register normal, informal
Pronunciation French sound files [ta(n) pee]
IPA   [tɑ̃ pi]

Usage notes: The French expression tant pis can be used in a variety of ways with two essential meanings.

1) Fatalism

When you’re disappointed but resigned to your fate.

Par exemple…

Il n’y a plus de vin mais tant pis.   There’s no more wine but oh well. (The stores are closed)
C’est un peu cher mais tant pis.   It’s a bit expensive but never mind. (We have to buy it)

2) Accusation / Refusal

Whatever happened, it’s your own fault.

Par example…

C’est tant pis pour toi.   That’s just too damn bad for you.
– Je ne veux pas travailler aujourd’hui.
– Tant pis !
  – I don’t want to work today.
– Tough!

 Tant pis is stronger than the neutral "too bad" and can be quite rude, so use it sparingly.


  • C’est dommage
  • C’est dur
  • Dommage
  • Quel dommage

French antonym Antonym: tant mieux – good, all the better

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Tant pis - Too damn bad

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