Sauver la mise

Sauver la mise
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French Expression

Meaning To save the day
Literally To save the stake / ante
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [soh vay lah meez]
IPA   [so ve la miz]

Usage notes: The French expression sauver la mise literally means to pull out one’s ante or stake, so that while it’s no longer possible for you to win big, neither are you at risk to lose your stake.

The more common figurative meaning is to get someone out of a tight spot. Unlike many expressions, this figurative meaning is very logical, if you consider the literal meaning and assume that you would have lost had you not pulled your money out.

Par exemple…

J’avais des ennuis, mais mon frère m’a sauvé la mise !   I was in trouble, but my brother saved the day!
Tiens, Nicholas a sauvé la mise !   Hey, Nicholas has saved the day!

 Grammar note: Mise is the feminine form of the past participle of mettre (to put)

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Sauver la mise

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