Coup de fil

Passer un coup de fil
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Informal French Expression

Meaning phone call
Literally line hit
Register informal
Pronunciation French sound files [koo d(eu) feel]
IPA   [ku də fil]

Pronunciation note: The sound file includes coup de fil pronounced with and without the e instable; in the latter pronunciation, you can hear the assimilation of [d] to [t].

Usage notes: Even though today the vast majority of phones are wireless, the informal French expression un coup de fil is here to stay. It’s typically used with the verbs donner, passer, and recevoir.

Par exemple…

Je veux donner un coup de fil à ma sœur.   I want to call my sister, I want to give my sister a call.
Il a passé un coup de fil à Marc.   He called Marc.
As-tu reçu un coup de fil des enfants ?   Did you receive/get a call from the kids?

Synonyms (normal register)

for un coup de fil

  • un appel
  • un appel téléphonique
  • un coup de téléphone

for donner / passer un coup de fil (à quelqu’un)

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Coup de fil

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