Faire une frite

Faire une frite
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Informal French Expression

Meaning to flick/slap someone on the bottom
Literally to make a French fry
Register informal
Pronunciation [feh run frit]
IPA   [fɛ ʀyn frit]

Usage notes: Faire une frite isn’t quite the same as spanking. The latter is a slap on the bottom using the palm of the hand, which is something a parent might do to discipline a child.

In comparison, faire une frite uses the back of the hand to "whip" the fingers against someone’s bottom. This is something kids to each other; it’s painful and can leave marks that resemble frites, hence the expression.

Par exemple…

Maman ! J’ai mal aux fesses, Pierre vient de me faire une frite !   Mom! My butt hurts, Pierre just flicked me!

 To spank

  • donner une fessée à
  • fesser

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