French pronunciation

The letter combination uil is pronounced more or less like the English word "wheel." The IPA spelling is [wil], and the Lawless phonetic spelling is [weel].


  • Building is pronounced [beel deeng]
  • The letter combinations euil and ouil  < click for explanations

The combination uille is pronounced like the English word "wee"- note that the double l here is always pronounced like a y rather than an l: [weey]


  • After g, the u is silent – it just makes the g hard: –guille is pronounced [geey]
  • After q, the u is silent – it’s only there to support the q: –quille is pronounced [keey]
French sound files Par exemple…
une cuillère spoon
huile (f) oil
juillet July
un guillemet quotation mark
Guillaume William
une coquille shell
tranquille calm

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French pronunciation

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