French pronunciation

The letter combination ti is one of the most variable in French. Since each letter has two possible sounds, the combination has four potential pronunciations, depending on the letters that precede and follow.

1) In consonant + ti + vowel, ti is usually pronounced like an s followed by a y sound (IPA spelling [sj], Lawless phonetic spelling [sy]).

Par exemple…
un dictionnairedictionary

2) When vowel + tie is at the end of a word, the pronunciation is [si].

Par exemple…
une démocratiedemocracy
une idiotieidiocy

3) Ti is pronounced [tj]

  • in the letter combination –sti + vowel
  • in the words amitié, moitié, and pitié (but not initié, in which it’s [sj])
Par exemple…
la questionquestion
la moitiéhalf

4) Ti is pronounced [ti]

  • in the prefix anti-
  • in the letter combination consonant + tie
  • when followed by a consonant
Par exemple…
un antioxydantantioxidant
une partiepart

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French pronunciation

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