Ci- Prefix

Ci- French prefix
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Le préfixe ci

The French prefix ci– can be added to various parts of speech to indicate the location or inclusion of something mentioned in a document.

Ci– is most often added to adverbs or prepositions.

Par exemple…

ci-après   after this
ci-contre   across from this, facing this
ci-derrière   behind (this)
ci-dessous   below (this)
ci-dessus   above (this)
ci-devant   in front (of this)

Ci- can also be placed in front of an adjective (past participle):

ci-annexĂ©   attached here / to this
ci-attachĂ©   attached here / to this
ci-gĂ®t   here lies (on a tombstone)
ci-inclus   enclosed (with this)
ci-joint   attached (to this)
ci-mentionnĂ©   mentioned here

Agreement with ci-

When ci- is attached to an adverb or preposition, there is no agreement.

Veuillez trouver la photo ci-dessous.   Please find the photo below.
Voyez les dĂ©tails ci-contre.   See details on facing page

Things get more complicated when ci- is attached to a past participle.

1) If ci-participle precedes the noun, the phrase serves as an adverb and there is no agreement:

Vous trouverez ci-inclus la photo.   You’ll find the photo enclosed.
Voyez ci-joint les dĂ©tails.   See the details attached.

2) When ci-participle follows the noun it modifies, the phrase is being used as an adjective and thus there is agreement:

Veuillez trouver la photo ci-incluse.   Please find the enclosed photo.
Les dĂ©tails ci-joints sont secrets.   The attached details are classified.

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French prefix ci-

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