French pronunciation

The letter combination ch has three possible pronunciations. By far the most common is [ʃ], equivalent to "sh" in English.

French sound files For example…
le champagne champagne
cher dear, expensive
un anchois anchovy

In a few words, ch is pronounced [k]

French sound files For example…
le chaos hot
le krach hat

The sound [tʃ] as in "cheese" is very rare in French; it’s found only in borrowed words like cheap and in the letter combination tch.

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French pronunciation
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2 Responses

  1. Kasun 5 June 2017 / 3:47

    in the word cheque.The ch is not pronounce like above

    • lkl 3 July 2017 / 11:42

      In French, chèque is pronounced [ʃɛk] – the ch is the same as in champagne and cher.