Status Report: One Week In

FrenchI quit my 15-year writing job a week ago in favor of starting my own French site, and so far I think things are going pretty well.

Another Hiccup

FrenchA few days ago, I warned you that you'd be receiving daily newsletters for a while - and that was the last you heard from me.

Au revoir,

FrenchFor some reason, my good-bye note was removed from my old site, so I am republishing it here for anyone who didn't get a chance to read it.

Growing Pains

FrenchBonjour et merci beaucoup ! Thank you all for following me here to Lawless French, the new home of my efforts to share the beautiful French language with students and teachers all over the world. I just want to apologize in advance...

About Laura K. Lawless

FrenchBonjour ! I'm Laura K. Lawless, creator, writer, editor, and CLO of this online French learning site.