Two Years of Lawless French

2 years of Lawless French!FrenchTwo years ago, I gave up my 15-year position teaching virtual French with a dotcom in order to continue teaching virtual French on my own site. I briefly entertained the idea of doing something completely different, but found that I couldn't. The fact is that I feel compelled to write about French - I love it and I'm good at it, so what else could I possibly do?

Share Lawless French

Share Lawless FrenchFrenchI have a little favor to ask of you... if you like this site (and I think it's fair to assume you do, since you're here!), I'd love for you to share it with family, friends, and classmates who are learning or want to learn French.

Cœur brisé

French flagI'm shocked and heartbroken by the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris Friday night... there are no words to describe the profound sadness I feel at the thought of this beautiful city being targeted, and of so many innocent people hurt and killed. I feel helpless - so as always, I turn to language in the tiny hope that the knowledge I am able to share will be helpful to someone.

A Year of Lawless French

A year of Lawless FrenchFrench3 June 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of Lawless French. It's been an interesting experience writing for myself rather than a network, and I'm curious to know how you feel about the difference since I went out on my own.

New Features

FrenchBonjour les Francophiles ! I hope your French studies are coming along nicely. This is just a quick note to let you know about two new features I've recently added to the site: lessons sorted by level and printer-friendly pages.

Six Months of Lawless French

French3 December 2014 marks the half anniversary of Lawless French, born when I decided to give up my 15-year freelance position and pour my efforts into my own site instead.

Status Report: One Week In

FrenchI quit my 15-year writing job a week ago in favor of starting my own French site, and so far I think things are going pretty well.

Another Hiccup

FrenchA few days ago, I warned you that you'd be receiving daily newsletters for a while - and that was the last you heard from me.