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    le 21.05.2019

    Chers amis:

    Bon aprem, mes amis! The french expression “voler la vedette a qqn” means “to steal the show from someone” but how do you say, in french, “to be a scene stealer” and “to be a show stopper”? Les reponses rapides, svp. mbcp, tlm! A bientot! Bon mardi a tlm! :D!!!

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    le 23.05.2019

    Oh la la! Pas de reponses encore?? Pourquoi pas?? It takes too long to get questions answered on here. My question has been on here for 2 days too long and still not answered yet. Better response time please.

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    Write Toujours pas de réponses ?

    I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer. Have you looked in the wordreference.com dictionary? One of the phrases you’re looking for is in it.

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    Je penserais que « un/une voleur/voleuse de vedette » , ou quelque chose similaire , serait acceptable .

    Un alternatif à « voler la vedette » c’est « faire un tabac/carton » , donc ça peut fournir un autre mode .

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    le 24.05.2019

    Chers Andy et NJH: I have tried wordreference.com and I could not find the translations for both. I went to collinsdictionary.com and the translation they gave me for “to be a show stopper” is: “ETRE EXTRAORDINAIRE.” They have no translation for “to be a scene stealer.” Zut! How do I find it??

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA(Michigan)

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    Ella est une phrase métaphorique , donc il se peut qu’il n’y ait pas une traduction directe .

    Qu’est qu’en avez-vous besoin ?

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