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    le 01.03.2019

    Bon matin, tlm et bon mars!!! How do you say in French: “to lower the boom (on someone)”? The closest I can come up with est “Baisser le boom” mais , est ce que c’est correcte ou non?
    Les reponses rapides, svp! Mbcp, mes amis! Bon vendredi! Bon week-end, aussi!

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    What does “to lower the boom on someone” mean if understood literally? If you think about it, you’ll have to wonder what this “boom” is, where it came from, and what it has to do with what you know the phrase really means. You can conclude that “lower the boom” is an idiom. That means it’s very unlikely that baisser le boom, baisser la bôme, or baisser le gui will mean the same thing as the English idiom. (The latter two are translations of “boom” in the sense it has in the idiom: a horizontal pole that holds the bottom of a vessel’s sail out and down.

    Wordreference.com doesn’t have a translation for “lower the boom”, nor is there a discussion of it in their forums. Have you tried Googling? Google Translate offers baisser la flèche. Maybe that’s the French equivalent. I don’t have time right now to pursue it, but that would be a good line of inquiry.

    Remember that flèche is misspelled if you omit the required accent grave. That probably won’t affect web searches but please don’t misspell the word if you post it here.

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    Cher Andy:

    Merci mon ami! Bon week-end! J’essayerai!

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    Cher Andy:

    Google.com says the french translation is “Serrer la vis a qqn.” which literaly means: “to tighten the screw/bolt on someone.” OUCH! J’aime ceci! This will work for me.

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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