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    le 05.08.2019

    Chers amis: Bon aprem, mes amis! Bon lundi a tlm! Quelle est la trauction de “Mousser sa reputation”? Litteralement, c’est “to foam/froth/ lather one’s reputation.” Quelle est la vraie traduction, svp? Mbcp, mes amis! Les reponses rapides, comme d’habitude. A bientot!

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    le 07.08.2019

    Chers amis: Oh la la?? pas de reponses encore?? Pas de nouveau! It’s been on here for 2 days so far?? Why does it always take too long to get a reply on here?? Replies need to be much faster or I may not ask anymore questions on here again. Please reply, asap.

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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      Oh ! Très cher Robert, quelle agressivité !
      Pourquoi donc jeter tant d’huile sur le feu ?
      Une telle intervention ne peut faire mousser votre réputation, mais, bien au contraire, empourprer d’une légitime émotion le front de vos interlocuteurs les plus dévoués ☺☺☺..
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    le 08.08.2019

    Cher Denis: Je suis desole but I just get tired of waiting too long on here to get a reply. The response time is too long. Each time I put something on here, I always have to wait 2 to 3 days to get a reply. Why??? This is ridiculous. How can I get a much faster reply?? I still want the answer to my original question. What does “Mousser sa reputation” mean in English?

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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      Laura K. Lawless

      Robert, no one here owes you anything. This is a free website and anyone who responds does so out of kindness, not obligation. Please remember that and refrain from complaining that our free assistance does not come quickly enough for your taste.

      If you want faster responses, look for a site where you pay to get them.

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    Denis’s reply practically told you what the expression means, using two others you’ve recently asked about to illustrate its meaning. What more could you hope for?

    Here’s a translation:

    Oh! My dear Robert, what aggressiveness!

    Why throw so much oil on the fire?

    Such a reaction won’t give your reputation a boost but very much to the contrary, will turn your devoted fellow forum-members’ foreheads crimson with honest emotion.

    I’m not crazy about my version of the last bit but I can’t think of a better translation right now.

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    Cher Andy: Merci bcp!!! :D!!! Enfin!!! Bon et excellent week-0end, mes amis!

    frereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    l3 13.08.2019

    Chere Laura: This site owes me an explanation on why it takes so long to get a response. It’s like waiting at a hospital! You should hire a team of french professionals who can answer people’s questions in a timely matter. I remember a couple of times where I didn’t get a response to my questions for a week. Too long!! I don’t want to leave this site because I love it. I would just love the response time to be much faster. Please hire some professionals on here. It is much needed, Laura. I love to ask questions on here. It’s the only one I can ask for free.

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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      Laura K. Lawless

      Robert, I’m only going to say this one more time. I do not owe you anything. I provide all of the content on this site for free.

      What kind of logic are you using that makes you believe that in addition to all the time I spend creating this content – for FREE – I should pay someone to help you, when you don’t pay anything?

      You can either accept that you’ll get responses if and when someone has time to offer them (and be polite and respectful while you’re waiting), or you can go somewhere else.

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    Do you not see the contradiction between your desire for free help and your demand that Laura pay professionals to provide it? Where is she supposed to get the money for a paid staff?

    Be grateful for the free help you get here or seek help elsewhere.

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