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    le 06.03.2019

    Chers amis:

    Bon aprem,tlm! Quelle est la traduction anglaise de “Detenteurs d’actions boursieres”? Litteralement,c’est “Holders of stock market actions.” Quelle est la traduction reelle, svp?

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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    Actions means stocks or shares. Your phrase means “shareholders” or “stockholders”.

    Always include the required accents in French words. The phrase you’re looking for is détenteurs d’actions boursières. Accents are not optional.

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    le 07.03.2019

    Cher Andy:

    Mbcp! I still do not know how to put french accents on here. I do not know anyone who knows how to do it either.

    FrereRobert C.
    Aux USA (Michigan)

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      De rien ! You don’t need someone who knows how to type accents. All you need is someone who’s good with computers and can follow instructions. Laura has provided instructions here. I linked to the page with instructions for Windows. There are links to instructions for other operating systems on that page.

      The person who helps you with this will help you decide which method to use. If it requires setup, your helper will take care of this and show you how to use it.

      I’m 100% certain that you have a friend or relative who can do this for you. Just ask around a bit!

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      As Andy has said, adding accents is very simple, someone can certainly show you. Easiest for you would no doubt be setting your keyboard to United States-International. I have mine permanently set on United Kingdom Extended. If you have a Windows machine, it would probably take about five minutes or less to set that up from Control Panel, Clock, Language, Region – or whatever that is called on a laptop somewhat younger than my ancient machine.

      Otherwise find the Character map on your machine, and you can pick the accented letters from the choice on there. You can pin the Character map icon to your toolbar, then you have it to hand all the time. UKE does me fine for all non-English letters but one, and that one, ß, I get from Character Map.

      Give it a try! 🙂

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