Irregular -ir Verbs

Irregular French verb conjugationsThere are around 60 irregular -ir verbs, but that doesn't mean you have to memorize 60 different verb conjugation tables. Thanks to patterns in the conjugations of most of these verbs, you only need to learn 21.


Irregular -re Verbs

Irregular French verb conjugationsEven though there are more than 100 irregular -re verbs, you don't have to learn a hundred conjugation tables. Since many of these verbs follow certain patterns, you only need to memorize about 20.



Mastering Verb Conjugations

Conjugating French verbsThe mountain of French verb conjugations you have to learn can be overwhelming - even just in the classroom where you have plenty of time to think about the correct response. Once you start talking to people in the real world, trying to figure out the appropriate verb conjugation can leave you speechless - literally. So what's the solution? Learn, then practice, practice, practice!





Past Anterior

French past anteriorThe past anterior is the literary equivalent of the past perfect and is usually preceded by a conjunction such as après que or quand.


Past Imperative

French past imperativeTo give an order for something to be done before something else or by a certain time, you can use the French past imperative.




Past Perfect Conjugations

French past perfect conjugationsThe past perfect, aka pluperfect, is a compound verb form, which means its conjugation has two components: an auxiliary verb (avoir or être in the imperfect) and the past participle of the main verb.




Pluperfect Subjunctive

French pluperfect subjunctiveThe rarest French verb form is the pluperfect subjunctive. It's a literary tense, meaning that it's reserved for formal, written French - mainly literature, but also history and journalism.