Jour J

Le jour J
The big day is here when you can learn about the French expression le jour J.


Ordinal Numbers

French ordinal numbers
Ordinal numbers are essential for lists: they denote the rank, position, or order of items in a group, whether that group is made up of people, objects, or things to do.



I invite you to read this lesson on the French acronym RSVP - please respond.



French texting abbreviations
There are many varieties of French, but perhaps one of the most elusive is French texting: the bewildering assortment of abbreviations, acronyms, and even symbols used in email, text messaging (SMS), social media, chatrooms, and forums.



French titles
While not as diverse as they used to be, a few titles are commonly used in French and are as important as any other polite vocabulary. Here are the French titles you need, along with their abbreviations.



French receipt showing TTC
Learn how to read the alphabet soup (TTC, HT, TVA, CB) on a French receipt.