Elemental Sounds of French

Pronunciation Master Class

Elemental sounds of French
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If you have trouble with French pronunciation and/or listening comprehension but can’t take a class, hire a tutor, or go to France, Idahosa Ness’s The 38 Elemental Sounds of French Master Class is just what you need.

This online series of webinars will help you improve your French pronunciation and listening comprehension with 6 hours of video lectures, including

  • Five language learning life lessons
  • Oral vowels
  • Nasal vowels
  • Consonants
  • From sounds to syllables

as well as IPA drills and multimedia listening and pronunciation exercises. Idahosa Ness goes over every French sound in detail, with lots of audio drills for practice. By learning simple techniques for developing awareness and control of your mouth, you are removing the biggest obstacle to your ability to sound more like a native speaker and understand the language in conversation.

Buy now: The 38 Elemental Sounds of French Master Class

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