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French tutorStudying French online has many benefits, as well as some limitations. If you want to get serious about learning French but can't handle a rigid class schedule, private tutors are the way to go. LanguaTalk offers an easy-to-use search interface to help you find your ideal 1-on-1 French tutor based on availability, reviews, and video introductions.

Rouler Expressions

French expressions with rouler
The French verb rouler literally means "to roll" and is used in many idiomatic expressions, including we made good time, it's hilarious, and how's life? Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring rouler.


Negation à fond

The more you "no," the more different types of French negation you need to know. There's a whole world of negative structures beyond "no" and "not" and understanding the difference is vital to communicating effectively in French.




Managing Speaking Anxiety

French speaking anxietyFear of speaking, glossophobia, is one of the most common phobias - even just in one's native language. If you feel nervous when speaking French, it's probably due to a lack of confidence in your skills. The obvious solution is to improve your French, but there are also other ways to increase your confidence and feel more comfortable speaking French.

Third Person Imperative

French subjunctive as imperativeRather than the imperative mood, third person orders (indirect commands, wishes, concessions, suppositions, exclamations) are given with que + subjunctive, with no preceding main clause. These are generally equivalent to "let" or "may" in English.