Fête des Mères

Fête des Mères
One Sunday every May or June is Mother’s Day in France, but why? Where does this annual maternal celebration come from? Find out in this bilingual audio article.


Avant vs Devant

French grammarThe prepositions avant and devant have somewhat similar meanings, which of course means that students sometimes get them confused. Learn the difference between avant and devant to get in front of any potential confusion.




Beach and Pool

Beach and pool - French vocabulary
There's nothing like a big body of water to escape hot weather. Learn all the French vocabulary you'll need to enjoy a beach or pool.


Par contre

Par contre
The controversial French expression par contre is alive and well, but on the other hand it's not always used correctly.

Traité sur la tolérance

Traité sur la tolérance, de Voltaire
Read a chapter of Voltaire's Traité sur la tolérance. It was originally written in 1763 and resurged in popularity after the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack.