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French independent studyLearning French on your own? Lawless French is packed with lessons and tips which you can supplement with other resources to study independently as efficiently as possible.


Prepositional Phrases

French prepositional phrasesA prepositional phrase, also called a compound preposition and a complex preposition, is a group of words including at least one preposition which, together, play the role of a preposition.


Pâques à fond

Easter is the second biggest holiday in France, after Christmas. It's a time for gourmet feasts, including lots of chocolate and eggs brought by — no, not the Easter bunny, but rather by church bells. Learn more and practice your French with Easter-themed exercises.




French equestrianism
Equestrianism, more commonly referred to as horseback riding or horse riding, refers to the use of horses for work, transportation, and sport. There are many equestrian sports, from racing to show jumping, and some have been part of the Olympics for over 100 years. Whether you like riding, racing, or watching, here's some French vocabulary to help you make sense of everything.

Future Tense

French future tenseIn English, we use the modal "will" plus a verb to talk about actions that will take place in the future, but in French there's a future tense with a full set of conjugations for every verb. The uses of these two constructions are very similar.


Au cas où

Au cas où
Maybe you already know the French expression au cas où, but here's a lesson, just in case.