French movie terms
Lights! Camera! Action (verbs)! Learn French vocabulary related to movies, cinemas, and the Cannes film festival.

Numbers 0-9

Listen to French numbers
Learn to understand and pronounce the French numbers 0 to 9. This feature includes both sequential and randomized sound files.



French voiceThe grammatical term voice refers to the relationship between a verb and its subject: whether it is active, passive, or pronominal (reflexive).


Never and Ever

JamaisIn English, there's no risk of confusion between "never" and "ever," which have opposing though not quite opposite meanings. In French, however, both terms can be translated by jamais.



Hospitalité française

Hospitalité française
Pendant les plus de cinq ans que mon mari et moi avons vécu dans le Midi, à HyÚres et puis à Menton, nous avons déjeuné ou dßné chez des amis une quarantaine de fois.