Recto verso

This lesson on the French expression recto verso isn't long enough to print on both sides of a sheet of paper.





Aimer – to like, to love

Aimer - French verbThe regular -er verb aimer is ubiquitous and very useful, but somehow means both "to like" and "to love." In some contexts, this can make a world of difference as you certainly don't want to tell someone you love them when you're just friends, so how can you make it clear how you feel?



Tu vs Vous

Tu vs vousFrench videoOne of the tricky aspects of French is that there are two different words for you, tu and vous, and very complicated rules about when to use which one. Choosing the right subject pronoun is important not just from a grammatical point of view, but also for reasons of etiquette. You can read more about that in my lesson, or watch this video for some general guidelines to help you decide which pronoun to use with different people.