Online Learning

How to learn French onlineThis site is packed with thousands of pages to help you learn, practice, and improve your French, which can definitely be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to use Lawless French to learn French.

Progress with Lawless French

Progress with Lawless FrenchProgress with Lawless French is an adaptive, test-driven French learning system that will help you learn more efficiently with personalized kwizzes, writing challenges, and dictées.


Reading Tips

French reading tips
Reading is one of the easiest ways to practice your French - here's some info about the benefits of reading along with tips on improving your reading comprehension.

Realistic French Learning Expectations

Realistic learning expectationsIf French is your first foreign language, it will take approximately 600 hours of study and practice to reach intermediate level. This is why many students suffer "language shock" when they visit France for the first time and discover that, despite months or even years of casual French study, they can barely order in a restaurant, much less carry on a conversation.

Relearning French

Relearning FrenchIs your French as rusty as an old can? Did you live in France years ago or study it in high school—and promptly forget everything upon leaving? The fact is that language ability fades with lack of practice. If you used to know French but haven't spoken it in years or decades, the bad news is that it probably won't come rushing back all at once. But the good news is that you can relearn it much more quickly than if you were starting out without that previous knowledge.

Translation Exercises

French translation exercisesWriting in FrenchA classic way to practice your language skills is by translating passages from one language to another. Take a look at this selection of resources and put your translation skills to work, in both directions.

What is fluency?

What is fluency?There’s no secret recipe for fluency; indeed, it’s difficult to even find consensus on what "fluency" actually means. Is it the ability to have a conversation, or language proficiency equivalent to that of a native speaker?