Top 10 Verbs

Top 10 French verbs
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Les dix premiers verbes

There are thousands of French verbs, but some are far more important than others. Be sure you know how to conjugate and use the 10 most common French verbs.

ÊTRE – to be

Je suis fatigué. – I’m tired.
Lessons: using être | expressions with être | être conjugations
Tests: using être | être conjugations

AVOIR – to have

J’ai un chien. – I have a dog.
Lessons: using avoir | expressions with avoir | avoir conjugations
Tests: using avoir | avoir conjugations

FAIRE – to do, to make

Je fais la vaisselle. – I’m doing the dishes.
Lessons: using faire | expressions with faire | faire conjugations
Tests: using faire | faire conjugations

DIRE – to say, to tell

Je te dis la vérité. – I’m telling you the truth.
Lessons: using dire | expressions with dire | dire conjugations
Test: dire conjugations

ALLER – to go

Je vais à la banque. – I’m going to the bank.
Lessons: using aller | expressions with aller | aller conjugations
Test: aller conjugations

VOIR – to see

Je vois des étoiles. – I see some stars.
Lessons: using voir | expressions with voir | voir conjugations
Test: voir conjugations

SAVOIR – to know

Je sais son adresse. – I know his address.
Lessons: using savoir | savoir conjugations
Test: savoir conjugations

POUVOIR – can, to be able to

Je peux travailler. – I can work.
Lessons: using pouvoir | pouvoir conjugations
Test: pouvoir conjugations

VOULOIR – to want

Je veux manger. – I want to eat.
Lessons: using vouloir | expressions with vouloir | vouloir conjugations
Test: vouloir conjugations

DEVOIR – must, to have to

Je dois étudier. – I have to study.
Lessons: using devoir | devoir conjugations
Test: devoir conjugations

 These are the top 10 irregular verbs, but there are lots more where they came from: Irregular French verbs

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10 most common French verbs

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