Subjunctive with Conjunctions

Subjonctif avec conjonctions

French subjunctive
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Many French conjunctions and conjunctive phrases require the subjunctive, notably those which link cause and effect:

à condition que  provided that
à moins que*  unless
à supposer que  assuming that
afin que  so that
avant que*  before
bien que  although
de crainte que*  for fear that
de façon que  so that, in order that, in such a way that
de manière que  so that
de peur que*  for fear that
de sorte que  so that
en admettant que  assuming that
en attendant que  while, until
encore que  even though
jusqu’à ce que  until
où que  wherever
pour que  so that
pourvu que  provided that
qui que  whoever
quoique  even though
quoi que  whatever, no matter what
sans que*  without

* These conjunctions call for the ne explétif.

 No subjunctive

Conjunctions that express a simple reality do not call for the subjunctive:

ainsi que  just as, so as
alors que  while, whereas
après que**  after, when
aussitôt que**  as soon as
car  since, because
depuis que  since
dès que**  as soon as, immediately
en même temps que  at the same time that
lorsque**  when
parce que  because
pendant que  while
plutôt que  instead of, rather than
puisque  since, as
quand**  when
tandis que  while, whereas
une fois que**  once

 ** These conjunctions are followed by the future tense or the future perfect in French, even though in English we use the present tense.

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French subjunctive
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