Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjonctions de coordination

French conjunctions
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Coordinating conjunctions are small words that connect two or more grammatically equivalent words or phrases. The connected words might be adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, or even independent clauses; the important thing is that they’re equal and each one serves the same function in the sentence.

Par exemple…

Il est jeune et beau.   He’s young and handsome
 > Et connects two adjectives: jeune and beau
Veux-tu un café, un thé ou un chocolat ?   Do you want coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
 > Ou is joining three nouns: café, thé, and chocolat
Je l’ai lu, mais je n’ai rien compris.   I read it, but I didn’t understand a thing
 > Mais is the connection between two equal clauses: je l’ai lu and je n’ai rien compris

French coordinating conjunctions

car   for, because
donc   so
ensuite   next
et   and
mais   but
ni*   nor
or   now, yet
ou   or
ou bien   or else
plus   plus, and
puis   then

  French school kids memorize the seven most common coordinating conjunctions with a mnemonic:

Mais est donc Ornicar ?
mais ou et donc or ni car

Emphatic coordinating conjunctions

Some coordinating conjunctions are used in pairs to emphasize the connection.

et … et   both … and
ni … ni*   neither … nor
ou … ou   either … or
ou bien … ou bien   either … or
plus … plus   the more … the more
soit … soit   either … or

Par exemple…

– Avez-vous un chat ou un chien ?
– J’ai et un chat et un chien.
  – Do you have a cat or a dog?
– I have both a cat and a dog.
Tu peux prendre soit un chocolat soit une boule de glace.   You can have either hot chocolate or a scoop of ice cream.

* Ni and ni … ni are negative coordinating conjunctions.

Coordinating Conjunctions Quiz

Think you’ve got it? Test yourself on the French coordinating conjunctions with this fill-in-the-blanks exercise:

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French coordinating conjunctions

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