Un peu partout

Des feuilles un peu partout
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Ubiquitous French Expression

Meaning all around, just about everywhere
Literally a little everywhere
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Pronunciation [oo(n) peuh pahr too]
IPA   [œ̃ pø paʀ tu]

Usage notes: The French expression un peu partout is a way of hedging your bets, of saying that something is just about everywhere, rather than just coming out with a flat-out, no-margin-of-error partout.

There are many possible English translations:

  • all around
  • all over (the place)
  • dotted around
  • extensively
  • here, there, and everywhere
  • just about anywhere/everywhere
  • scattered about

Par exemple…

En automne, il y a des feuilles un peu partout.   In autumn, there are leaves all around.
J’ai acheté une 2CV, et maintenant j’en vois d’autres un peu partout.   I bought a 2CV, and now I see others just about everywhere.

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