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French expressions with matin and matinéee
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Once you’ve learned the difference between matin and matinée, cement your knowledge with some idioms and set expressions featuring these somewhat synonyms.

Proverb with matin

Araignée du matin, chagrin, araignée du soir, espoir. A spider in the morning is bad luck, a spider at night is good luck.

Expressions with matin

à prendre matin midi et soir   to be taken three times a day
au matin de sa vie in the morning (at the beginning) of one's life
au petit matin at dawn
de bon matin early in the morning
de grand matin early in the morning
du matin au soir from morning till night
du soir au matin   from night till morning, bed and breakfast
l'étoile du matin   Venus
être du matin to be an early riser, a morning person
jusqu’au matin   until morning
jusqu’au petit matin   until / into the early hours
matin, midi et soir   morning, noon, and night
tous les quatre matins repeatedly, again and again
un de ces quatre matins one of these days

Expressions with matinée

une matinée   an afternoon performance
une matinée dansante tea dance, informal afternoon dance party
une matinée enfantine   children’s matinée
dans la matinée (sometime) in the morning
en début de matinée   at the beginning of the morning
en fin de matinée   at the end of the morning
faire la grasse matinée to sleep late, sleep in

Related words

matinal (adj)   morning, early
matinalement (adv)   in the morning(s)

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Matin and matinée

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