Entendre parler

Essential French Expression

Entendre parler
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Meaning to hear about, to hear talk (of)
Literally to hear spoken
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Pronunciation [a(n) ta(n) dreu par lay]
IPA   [ã tã drə paʀ le]

Usage notes: The French expression entendre parler is used to report something you heard about. It’s followed by the preposition de plus a noun, or else used with the adverbial pronoun en replacing a noun or clause.

Par exemple…

Tu as entendu parler d’un IPO ?   You heard talk of an IPO? You heard that there might be an IPO?
On n’entend plus parler d’Henriette.   You never hear about Henriette any more.
J’en ai vaguement entendu parler.   I heard a little something about that, I vaguely remember hearing about that.
Nous ne voulons pas en entendre parler !   We won’t hear of it! Not a chance!

Somewhat synonymous: entendre dire

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Entendre parler

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