En effet

En effet, c'est de la confiture maison.
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Essential French Expression

Meaning indeed, that’s right; because, actually, in fact
Literally in effect
Register normal
Pronunciation [a(n) nay feh]
IPA   [ɑ̃ ne fɛ]

Usage notes: The very common French expression en effet can respond affirmatively to a question, or it can just be a bit of filler, a way of acknowledging and confirming what was just said.

Par exemple…

– C’est de la confiture maison ?
– En effet.
  – Is it homemade jam?
– That’s right.
– Ça te plaît ?
– Ça me plaît beaucoup, en effet.
  – Do you like it?
– Yes indeed, I like it very much.

Somewhat synonymous

En effet can also introduce some clarification to the current topic.

– Tu n’as pas travaillé hier ?
– En effet, j’ai dû amener ma fille chez le médecin.
  – You didn’t work yesterday?
– That’s right, I had to take my daughter to the doctor.
Je vais déménager, en effet, mon appartement n’est pas assez grand.   I’m going to move because my apartment isn’t big enough.

 En effet vs En fait

En effet is underused by students, who tend to use en fait instead. While both can be translated by "in fact," there’s a difference: en effet serves to confirm or agree with something that was just said, while en fait marks an opposition or contradiction.

Par exemple…

– Tu vas à la fête ?
– En effet, je pars dans 5 minutes.
  – Are you going to the party?
– Yes, in fact, I’m leaving in 5 minutes.
   vs      vs
– Tu vas à la fête ?
– Non, en fait, je dois travailler.
  – Are you going to the party?
– No, in fact, I have to work.

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En effet
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