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Bonjour et bienvenue au forum Lawless French !

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Order of Lessons

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Bonjour! I’m new to this website and was wondering if there is an order the lessons should be completed in because they’re only arranged in alphabetical order. Thanks!

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Bonjour Art - bienvenue à Lawless French ! 🙂

If you're a beginner, there is a checklist that can help you get a good foundation in French: French for Beginners

If you're not a beginner, then no, there's no stated order as this site isn't meant to take the place of class, but rather to be used alongside one. So if you're studying, say, the passé composé in class but don't understand, you can come here to read my lesson which should help you then in your class.

If you know your level, you can use the A1, A2, etc links under Lessons by Level in the sidebar, or just trying searching.

Finally, be sure to sign up for a free Progress with Lawless French account, which will create your personalized studyplan and help you correct mistakes and learn new material.

Bon courage !


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