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24 September 2017 21:41  

The mots du jour available by contribution are great. I think that it would be even more helpful if antonyms were given with adjectives and adverbs - learning them together means two words for the "price" of one. For example, I was trying to think of the word for "narrow" one day, and looked it up in my French dictionary. Which brought me to "étroite". So then I wondered how to say "wide", which brought me to the French word "large". I wouldn't have thought to use large for this purpose, so now the two words are anchored in my brain. Thanks Laura!

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26 September 2017 4:48  

Bonjour - glad you like them. 🙂

The problem with antonyms is that words often have more than one meaning, which means coming up with an antonym for each one, which then leads to related words for them, and then synonyms ... it's endless. For now, I'm doing as much as I can do.


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